MV U13 B team   11/10/2019

Our MV U13 B team, playing at home, hadn’t an easy game yesterday. It is, however, with these kinds of games that you can show your qualities and what you’re made of.

After a promising start, MV B lost a bit of momentum and Corrib Celtic took the lead before half time.
The break gave us the chance and opportunity to realise that we needed to change our attitude to the match.
Despite going down 2-0 at the very start of the second half - with a nice finish from the opposite team - we managed to get back in control of the game. A shot from Aaron McAlinney from just inside the edge of the penalty area put us back in the match.
The MV lads continued to play with the right mentality and managed to equalise with a masterpiece free kick by Pedro Alves Silva from just outside the penalty area this time.

It was very positive to see the whole team involved and everyone participated to achieve a 2-2 final result.