Academy U6-U11's

Liam Hanrahan – 0868580834

U12A Boys

Monty Heneghan – 0879338766

U12B Boys


U13A Boys

Aaron Duckworth – 0830524293

Mattie O’Toole – 


U13B Boys

Sean Langan – 0879349707

Keith Wynne


U14A Boys

Liam Hanrahan – 0868580834

Michael McGaugh – 0872565010

Eric Cunningham – 0872270498

U14B Boys

Greg Small – 0879708541

U15A Boys

Claudio Capone – 0868417579

John Donagher

Shane Creaven

U15B Boys

Robin Chedgey – 0876772891

Rob Cook

U15C Boys


U16A Boys

Ptere Gavin 0872712379

Eamonn Kenny

Johnny Kavanagh

U16B Boys

Brian O’Connell – 0879706674

U17 Boys

Vincent Walsh – 0872322985

Sean Langan – 0868101911

U18 Boys

Stefan Kraan – 0879020887

Shane O’Reilly – 0872855699

Keith Wynne

U21 Men

Shane O’Reilly – 0872855699

Ian Riley – 087 225 6283

Juniors & Reserves

Pat Newell

Shane Donnellan

Girls Academy U6-U10's


U12A Girls

Claudio Capone – 086 841 7579

U12B Girls


U13 Girls

Dean Koller – 0879808502

U15 Girls

Stefan Kraan – 0879020887

U17 Girls

Donagh McCaffrey – 085 137 6206

Brian Donohoe

Dermot Hicks

U19 Girls

Greg Small – 087 970 8541

John Donagher – 087 804 5075

David Gibbons

Our Mission & Vision

The aim of Moyne Villa FC Football Club is to provide all players at our club with the maximum opportunities to develop their footballing ability to its full potential. This will be achieved with the full co-operation of Managers/Coaches, Players and Parents in a safe and friendly environment.

Philosophy & Style of Play

  1. Managers/Coaches will show respect for all players and officials and lead by example.
  2. Be fully prepared for coaching sessions and matches. (Including First-Aid, Kit, etc.).
  3. Ensure a safe environment for learning and development.
  4. Managers/Coaches to keep themselves up to date with new ideas on coaching and development.
  5. Encourage each player in terms of self-discipline, good behaviour and punctuality.
  6. Be self-critical and not afraid to seek assistance.
  7. Be familiar with the Moyne Villa FC Football Club Child Protection Guidelines.
  8. Liaise with parents.
  9. Ensure that all players are aware that all forms of bullying will not be tolerated.
  10. Be generous with your praise when it is deserved.
  11. Managers/Coaches must always display high standards of behaviour and appearance.
  12. All above is superceded by the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport as directed by The Irish Sports Council and supported by the FAI. 

Why Join Moyne Villa?

  1. Always show respect for team-mates, managers/coaches, opponents and officials.
  2. Always turn up on time for matches and training.
  3. Always play/train with a positive enhusasitic, attitude.
  4. Always have commitment to your club and pride in your performance.
  5. Arrive for training and matches with the proper gear and boots and shinguards.
  6. Listen to advice given and ask questions if you don’t understand.
  7. Help out with equipment before and after matches and training.
  8. Let the manager know, as soon as possible, if you are injured or sick.
  9. Bullying will not be tolerated and if you feel you are being bullied feel safe to tell the manager.
  10. Enjoy playing and training with Moyne Villa FC.

Want to Join The Club?