booking a facility with moyne villa

Function Room One

  • Big spacious room
  • Suitable for meetings
  • Suitable for clubs
  • Can have tables and chairs
  • Seats up to thirty people comfortably
  • Can be linked to Function Room Two when opening up Double doors.

Function Room Two

  • Fully fitted event room
  • Sits up to fifty people comfortably
  • State of the art projector and projector wall
  • Can be used for gym classes
  • Can be used for meetings
  • Can be added to in size as this room opens up into Function Room One.

Clubhouse & Pitches

  • Can be used for community games and tournaments
  • Showers
  • Off rod parking
  • Safe and secure
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Two full size match pitches

Astro Pitch

  • All weather pitch
  • Can be used all year round
  • Can be rented privately
  • Used for extreme weather conditions by teams in the winter
  • Can be used by other clubs (booking essensial) 
  • Securely locked 
  • Floodlit pitch for evening playing

Our Facilities

Booking a facility here at Moyne Villa is very easy and we welcome all clubs & societies.  We also hire out the Astro pitch to private groups who wish to train and keep fit.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book the facility

Booking can be done online via our facebook page, or by email on our contact us page, also you can call 086 895 4304 for more info.

  • How many can use the Astro in a private booking

We do not have a specific max number for teams to train in the Astro but we do ask that teams start at six or more people.

  • How do I check when the Astro is free?

Very simple just take a look at the calendar above to see our bookings for the Astro.

  • What is included in the booking of the Astro?

We include two balls and bibs for the numbers of your team.

  • Can we book a function room upstairs?

Absolutely, we have several clubs and organisations here at Moyne Villa who regularly use the facilites, take a look at our calendar and see when is free.

  • What events are currently running in Moyne Villa

Currently we have several groups and organisations running in Moyne Villa, an example of these would be, grinds, yoga, fitness classes, Weightwatchers, chess evenings, walking football, Coderdojo, Maths Club and many more.

  • How do we book a facility and who do we speak to?

Get in touch with us using our contact us form on the website. Alternatively you can contact us through our Facebook page or Instagram page.  If you want to meet someone face to face to discuss your ideas for booking etc then contact Sarah on 086 895 4304.

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